FEBRUARY 26, 2020 @ 1:00 PM


Mark your calendar! Our consignments to our annual Bull Sale in Brooks AB look excellent featuring sons of Circle Cee Legend 307A, GLM Clover 1C, Pleasant Dawn Classic 707C and more! Click Here for our Online Catalog

At Saddleridge our aim is to produce high quality bulls that will work for you regardless of what your herd looks like and we are confident that we can achieve this goal. How do we know our bulls will work for you? Because they work for us throughout every aspect of our operation.

For the past couple years we have moved away from breeding our commercial heifers back to angus bulls and, instead, breed everything to purebred Charolais bulls. We have worked to employ Charolais genetics which will calve easy enough to confidently cross onto our commercial angus heifers, maximizing their profit right from the first calf.

We have always bred our commercial cow herd, which consists of approximately 200 angus-cross cows, to our Charolais bulls. These are bulls which we have raised and come directly from the same pool of bulls that make it to our annual bull sale. All the calves we raise go straight from the cow at weaning and into our own backgrounding feedlot so we can see how these calves perform right from birth to the feedlot. We also buy Char-cross calves from some of the producers who utilize Saddleridge genetics in order to fill our feedlot. We know what we are getting with the calves that trace back to our bulls and we like how they perform on feed. At the end of the day we need calves that will produce a profit right through their whole lifecycle and we know that we can get that with our genetics. For the past few years Char-cross calves have received a premium in the sale ring on their way to finishing lots – the math is easy: more pounds and more per pound means more profit.

We have brought high quality genetics into our purebred herd in order to produce bulls that will work in purebred herds and commercial herds alike. We have sires which go back to LT Ledger, Pleasant Dawn Chisum, and Pleasant Dawn MVP. We also take advantage of Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transplant (ET) to bring in new genetics and produce specific crosses to meet the needs of our customers and our cow herds.

How do we know Saddleridge genetics will work for you? Because they work for us.